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Re-homing Your Whippet

If you currently have a purebred whippet you can no longer keep, Whippet Rescue Florida can assist in retrieving the dog and placing it into a foster home until the right family is found. We assist breeders, pet, and competition whippet owners looking for assistance in re-homing.

We personally screen new owners and will not release your dog until the right home is found. We place many whippets that have been well-cared-for and loved, but who, for one reason or another, need to find another home.

Contact a volunteer nearest you and explain your situation. The volunteer will either pick your whippet up personally or will arrange for another volunteer to take him. You will be asked to sign a release form, giving us full ownership of the dog.

Please also bring any registration papers, health records, or history that you have. The volunteer will ask you questions about the dog's feeding, habits, problems, and previous environment. Please be frank, as your answers will be used to help your dog adjust to the foster home and later, his new permanent home.

We accept all whippets, regardless of age, health or temperment.