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Breeder Referrals

If you are looking for a puppy, please contact us. We may be able to refer you.

*** To find a reputable breeder near you, please contact Mary Downing of the American Whippet Club.***

What does it take to be a reputable breeder?

1) You should be able to meet the parents of your puppy.

2) They should be willing to let you visit where the puppy is currently being raised, rather than meeting you off-site away from living conditions.

3) They do NOT treat their animals like livestock, but rather as a member of the family.

4) They do NOT cut or tag the ears of their puppies as a quick means of identification.

5) They provide health screenings/certifications of the parents and the puppies.

6) They only breed their dogs once a year (at most) for the health of the mother and puppies.

7) Puppies should have at least one set of puppy shots and dewormer before being adopted out.

8) They should discuss what type of puppy you are looking for and what will fit best into your home. For example, they should ask if you are looking for a performance dog, a dog to show, or a family pet.

9) They should be a resource for you and your new pet, and are not just selling you a dog.

10) They should have a contract and it should specify that the dog must be returned to them if the purchaser cannot keep it.