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About Us

Our group accepts any whippet regardless of age, health or temperament. It is our core belief that there exists the right home for any whippet, regardless of the current situation; we understand that some whippets are just not a good fit in the home where they currently reside. Each whippet that is signed over to us is evaluated and placed in the home where we believe it will be the happiest. We do not place dogs on a first-come, first-served basis, which ensures that both the whippet and the adoptive family have a wonderful relationship.

95 percent of the dogs needing to be re-homed are not "rescues," they are dogs who, for one reason or another, simply need a new home. With this understanding we are here to assist breeders. Sometimes a breeder is campaigning a dog and decides it will not be a part of their breeding program. Or they have decided to begin campaigning another dog and want to find the right home for it. We are here to help make this connection. Also, sometimes a dog gets placed and for whatever reason the family wishes to return the dog to the breeder. We are happy to assist in this situation as well. We understand that there are more people looking for a whippet than there are whippets to place and we are happy to connect good breeders and good prospective homes.

We have to add that we are not a puppy brokerage service. We believe planned litters should have homes lined up before the mating ever takes place but if you are a breeder who would like assistance in re-homing one of your whippets, please contact us. We would be happy to help.

The Volunteers

The volunteers of this group have come together with these core beliefs. Our collective knowledge and experience with the breed helps us find the right home for each whippet. Volunteers offer transportation, home visits, accept whippets for re-homing and foster. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and share our core beliefs, please contact Jonathan Hart for information.

To meet each volunteer please click their name.

- Jonathan Hart

- Shawn Hart

- David Howton

- Melanie Kimball

- Mary Beth Lake

- Lisa McKee

- Craig and Nicole Pepoon

- Chris Rehm

- Lynn Sawyer